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KINK N Devience of all types [entries|friends|calendar]
A fetish club

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A role playing Community
pass the porno please [16 Aug 2004|06:53pm]

Devil made me do itCollapse )

A role playing Community
blah [20 Apr 2004|03:09am]

A role playing Community
[13 Apr 2004|04:38am]

[ mood | working on it. ]

An ugly man walks into his local pub with a big grin on his face.

"What are you so happy about?" asks the bartender.

"Well, I'll tell you," replies the ugly man.

"You know, I live by the railway. Well, on my way home last night, I noticed a young woman tied to the tracks, like in the movies. I, of course, went and cut her free and took her back to my place. Anyway, to make a long story short, I scored big time! We made love all night, all over the house. We did everything, me on top, sometimes her on top, every position imaginable!"

"Fantastic!" exclaimed the barman.

"You lucky guy. Was she pretty?"

"Dunno... Never found the head."


A role playing Community
Forgive the one-liner. [31 Mar 2004|03:44am]

[ mood | working ]

Just wanted to say thanks for adding me into this sick pool of fuck. I mean that in the best way possible.

As soon as I get laid, I'll help add to the community. In the meantime, I'll have whack-off material for weeks to come, so extra thanks for that. ;)


A role playing Community
Leading home to the limits of hell [14 Feb 2004|08:01am]

We'll yell life sure is swellCollapse )

A role playing Community
Ok now you know you have gone to far [21 Jan 2004|08:45pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

this is for you Gen

A doctor whose license was suspended 22 years ago for performing shoddy sex-change operations was convicted of second-degree murder Tuesday in the death of a man who had a healthy leg amputated to satisfy a sexual fetish. John Ronald Brown could face life imprisonment. Brown, 77, amputated the leg of Philip Bondy, a New York man who paid Brown $10,000 for the operation in May 1998. Bondy, 79, died of gangrene poisoning in a suburban San Diego hotel two days after the operation. New York psychologist Gregg Furth testified during the two-week trial that he and Bondy contacted Brown as a last resort to fulfill lifelong desires to amputate their legs. They shared a fetish known as apotemnophilia, getting sexual gratification from the removal of a limb. Furth paid Brown to amputate one of his legs last year but changed his mind, in part, because he saw a Mexican doctor who was to assist in the surgery walk into the clinic carrying a butcher knife. Prosecutor Stacy Running said Brown "just chopped off" Bondy's leg below the knee and then dumped him at a hotel recuperate alone while he buried the leg in the desert to hide the evidence from Mexican clinic inspectors. Bondy called Brown the next day, complaining that he was bleeding and oozing from the stump, Running said. Brown returned to the hotel, rewrapped the leg and suggested Bondy take more pain medications.


A role playing Community
Horrible old pics from the Sept 13th Fetish event [21 Oct 2003|07:33pm]

Never mind my sweaty make up . There are more but these are the ones that muffin was kind enough to pull for mesweat blood and smilesCollapse )

A role playing Community
[13 Oct 2003|04:05am]

[ mood | horny ]

- Serve Me -

And after you take me
You will comfort me
You will do my bidding
You will serve me
Now get undressed
Feel my emptiness
My loneliness
Serve me right now

You will never leave me
For I am in control
I own your body
Your mind and your soul


A role playing Community
O my god! [02 Sep 2003|05:13pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Damn it I am so god damn horny to say the least. this sux, and i need to see my baby tripp but I'm stuck, not that I'm not happy doing what I do. I am happy, but I need time of to see my baby. If its not interviews its planning for shows, or recording, or writing.
I have had so many dreams about fucking, and passion too, but hey, I will get there soon and when I do, he he he, I'l kiss and tell later. More tales from the pharcyde later, for u mistress.
luv ya all. seven kisses from chaos in an intimate place. xxxxxxx


A role playing Community
the after party ?? [01 Sep 2003|09:51pm]

[ mood | horny ]

So I wondered from the party looking down at the tiles following the serpentine pattern to a dark hall.. I could hear someone giggling I knew I should have turned back but it pulled to me as I let it lead me to the room..

They both did not notice me at first.. his eyes closed lips parted as she moved over him facing me.. she licked her lips pulling at her breast until I heard his soft voice call to me..
Before I knew it I was being pulled to her lips by his hand. the kiss was sweet like honey as she whimpered in my mouth... I could feel hands moving over me and releasing my hardening cock from my tight leather pants..

What is happening who are they and why am I part of this intimate moment in the dark with them.. His lips press to mine hers to my neck I feel their hands caressing pulling and scraping at me skin.. breathy sighs fell the air that is thick with sweat and the smell of sex and cloves..

twisted in a display of carnality we slip and grapple touching, teasing, kissing, fucking... teeth and nail rip across my tattoos .. she pulls at my nipple ring and he rakes his palm over my hair.. I am at their control drawn in by a giggle and taken back by all that is surrounding my flesh..

Ben throws a great fucking party. I think it was a party. Perhaps it was all in my mind

The two of you still flow through my thoughts


A role playing Community
Fantasy, my feelings, my world. [05 Aug 2003|05:27pm]

[ mood | guilty ]

Welcome to my world, my mind. I have such strange fantasies. So, rather than keep them boxed up, I'll display them, and probably get shouted at. Mainly my boyfriend Tripp, and the people mentioned in this... thing.
Anyway, pleaze don't hate me, it's just things I dream about and this probably never going to happen. Months without sex will do this to you.
I've been having these dreams about Jimmy, about, well, him intimatly. I can't help it. Everytime I try to knock the thought from my head I can't. I can't stop thinking about Mistress Gen either. Rich warned me, said Tripp wasn't good for me, but I love him, I really do. These are just fantasies, I tell myself, but the more I ignore them, the more I long for them to come true.
I want to give an example but am afraid it will only lead me into more trouble.
Jimmy has been so good to me, and now I can't help but think of him in a sexual way. I see blood, sweat, passion, absinthe, acid, leather, fur, lust in the air, I can even see the lust in the air, waving like a pale vapour, winding through and around our bodies as we fuck, and I pull his hair, and he cries out for more.
But that is all they are, harmless fantasies, nothing is ever going to happen, I know it. Please don't hate me. I feel better now for having gotten it of my chest and in this journal. A large part of me wants this to happen, but face it Casey, it aint never gonna happen and you know it. No one wants me, not in that way.
I love Tripp, but I feel that he really doesn't want me, and so, what can I do? I need to be loved, and I need to be fucked hard.
I'm coming to see you Mistress, and I hope you can help me.
As for you Jimmy, please reply, and don't hate me. It's only in my head, and I know you would never want me in that way anyway. I just want us to stay friends, and I hope you can see that too.
I hope that this doesn't effect us, so please, don't kill me, Jimmy.
I'll update very soon, and I hope I can get others to reply with their opinion on the subject. Help me, please, Jimmy, reply, please?
seven kisses from a deranged and sexually frustrated chaos. xxxxxxx


A role playing Community
Masturbation, It's almost as common as eating [04 Aug 2003|07:58pm]

[ mood | horny ]

I feel the urge rushing over my disposition. the vexatious twinge crawling over me making my company less than enjoyable.

I could not wait to bust through the door into the privacy of my hotel room where I awaited for myself. Before I had even fully closed the door I found myself forcing my hand down into the canvas of my Levis and grabbing at myself.
I bite back the moan trying to force itself from my lungs.

I close my eyes and I can see you.
Pale skin
emerald eyes
Ebony hair

You delicate guitar hands wrapping around my dick .The calluses bringing me to a whimper the dark varnish on your painted nails capture your reflection.

Full lips part and a playful serpents tongue licks across your lower lip I feel the anguish to touch you and you push me back it is not mine to touch.

I can feel the tension grow as I yelp out.

Panting I open my eyes my room is dark the door closed and I am alone and vulnerable.
I can not go on like this
I must find you


A role playing Community
[04 Aug 2003|12:05am]


A role playing Community
Popping my bnb cherry [03 Aug 2003|05:05pm]

[ mood | satisfied ]

"Sex in a public place turns me on"

This goes out to those who asked for it lolCollapse )


A role playing Community
[02 Aug 2003|02:59pm]

i like manga porn... he he he
God I'm horny as fuck and need u so bad. Oh and Mistress, if u want to help me and Tripp feel free to call me.
seven kisses from a perverse chaos. xxxxxxx

A role playing Community
Story I told Gen. [01 Aug 2003|04:48pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Aids Mary

A man met a beautiful woman in a singles bar one night and took her home. During the evening she told him that she had been raped a few years ago, but was overcoming her resentment and fear, and was finally able to enjoy sex again. The next morning he awoke to find her already gone, on the bathroom mirror she'd written a message in lipstick.

"Welcome to the AIDS club."


A role playing Community
sex and music [17 Jul 2003|10:55pm]

[ mood | devious ]

I like to play and grind into my baby feeling her resinate in my loins. Very erotic and I make her cry out like a whore...*closes my eyes* I do love my guitars..

Music it is erotic and the flow of primal emotion. to feel my music is to feel me

Hi I am dj thank you for the invite Ben I am looking forward to sharing my sexual thoughts,desires and all around braggin to


A role playing Community
Fantasy......real [28 Jun 2003|11:20am]

[ mood | predatory ]

Because this is long. look under the cut..

tame meCollapse )


A role playing Community
BONDAGE [28 Jun 2003|02:19am]

[ mood | calm ]

The bindings are tight on my ankles and wrists I am bound I hear the movement of others in the room I can smell the passion of clashing bodies arousing my own senses. I feel a rush of hot breath brush against my cheek and then the searing pain of the burn into my chest. I wince biting back the pleasure filled moan rushing past my lips.

“shh baby Shh “

I bite down again my tongue getting that cold then burning sensation as it is crushed slightly .

My eyes strain trying to see past the darkness of the blindfold. The sudden explosion of adrenaline rushes through me as knuckles connect with my cheek. A whimper a moan..and all is exposed the whip the pain the derogation it is all you plead for..

Love for the deviant…from the deviant


A role playing Community
Last night I had a dream... [23 Jun 2003|02:51pm]

[ mood | horny ]

I had a dream, I hoped it wasn't a dream, but it was. U were there Tripp.
We were together, lying together on a large bed, covered in a black sheet. We sat in silence, and I knew it was okay, because we were comfortable with each other and we could share our silence. It wasn't uncomfortable.
I left the room for a moment, planting a kiss on ur lips before I left to get a bottle of absinthe for us.When I returned, you had covered the bed in golden and red rose pettles. You smiled as I looked around the room, at the burning candles, the darkness, the pettles, and the smell, so sweet I couldn't put a name to it. I was amazed, in love, with u and your kindness, your heart.
I settled down next to u on the bed, and pured absinthe into two glasses. The green liquid swirled around the glass as I passed you a glass and you smiled and beautiful, subtle smile.
We lay back and drank out absinthe, all the time, we craved for each other, not silence.
I reached over for you, and we kissed. Pure passion, lust, love. All those months of being apart, and we let go, jusy kissing, and it felt so good, that I didn't want it to stop... ever.You threw your glass down on the floor and so did I, both of us captured by our passion.
My hands reached out and started to unzip ur trousers, but you put ur nad in the way and stopped me. You said, "I would have to earn it" I remember it like it really happened.
We kissed and you ed me to the bed posts, tying my arms to it with your belt. I was relaxed, I knew I could trust you. You kissed me again, and ripped my shirt of. The tenison was growing, both of us, sweating and wanting more or each other.
You issed down my body and could feel myslef getting hard. It fet soooo good.
You scratched me, and it felt so good, that I shivered with delight.
And then u pulled a switch blade from your pocket and started to sing a placebo song. I wondered what you were doing, but I didn't panic. And then u sang the words, "Carve a name into my arm" and you started to cut your name into my arm. I felt no pain, only complete trust, a bond growing.
You untied me when you were done, and you handed me the blade. "Now do it to me" you whispered, I did what he said, and he shivered. I smiled, and then we connected ourarms and let our blood join.
"We will always be together, this is my blood bond to you" you said. "And I to you" I replied, kissing you. We licked the blood of each others arms, and kissed, the taste of blod in our mouths, but it only made it feel better, more exciting.
We made love for hours on end, until Rich had the audcity to wake me up at nine o clock in the morning for a recording session and practice.
Tripp, I love you baby, its your choice. Will you stay with me?
And seing Tripp isn't on here, this is a hint for you all to add him to this room. I need my baby here too, so we can taqlk about our dirty secrets.
Jamie, babes, see u soon. I'll keep my promise to meegs, I 'll be there for u.Seven kisses from chaos. xxxxxxx


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